13 reasons why ? || Hannah Baker || Most Popular Season

13 reasons why ? || Hannah Baker || Most Popular Season

“Hey ! am Hannah Bakers ” The Dialogue and the act that attract people to watch most popular season  ” 13 reasons why? ” .Hannah Baker is a fictional character created by American author Jay Asher. The Most beautiful Girl Hannah Baker suicide Story which is bullied by her class fellows , She records Her tape and pass to her class fellows in which she discuss her story and blame and say that you are responsible for her death.

The Important role played by Jensen Clay who begin to recognize and know the people who are responsible for Hannah baker death scene

Hannah Baker new hair style
Hannah Baker new hair style



Hannah Baker with Jensen Clay
Hannah Baker with Jensen Clay

There are some other characters who played important role.Who seems enemy of jensen and always bullied Hannah baker.

Other mportant Characters
Other important Characters in !3 reasons why

Story contain mixture of romance,fight,sadness, happiness and all mix moments that make story more awesome and attractive.

Shady romance part
Shady romance part in !3 reasons why

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