Deepika Padukone Declares Ranbir Kapoor As A Distracted Actor

Deepika Padukone Declares Ranbir Kapoor As A Distracted Actor

In an interview, Deepika Padukone was called to give opinion about Ranbir Kapoor as an actor. What she said was surprising for fans. Deepika Padukone declares him as a distracted actor, who does not let co-actors concentrate too. He behaves childishly on set, like he forcefully feeds his co-actors so that they can become fat and look wort on screen.

Deepika Padukone also mentioned that Ranbir Kapoor is a pathetic boyfriend, like if there was any minus scale, he will cross that scale too. She told the channel that if you are cold, Ranbir will not give you jacket, rather he will give two bottles of warm water and think that he has done great. On this claim, Ranbir kapoor looked ashamed on the screen.

Deepika and Ranbir broke up after being in relationship for a considerable time. Their relationship was the center of attention and fans were disappointed in their breakup a thy made best couple in movies like ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ and ‘Tamasha’.

Deepika-Ranbir break up
Deepika talks about their messed up relationship

Both actors had past affair history, and are still thought to be in good work relations, but what Deepika Padukone claimed about him surprised their fans. They were considered good friends after break up.

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