Rambo Last Blood || 2019 || Thriller / Action

Rambo Last Blood || 2019 || Thriller / Action

About Rambo Last Blood , with 50 million USD budget ,The Great action film seen ,Hits the box office $86.5 million, initial Release on September 18, 2019 (Indonesia) . John Rambo raises horses in Arizona meanwhile developing relationship with the women name Maria and her Grand Daughter Gabriela.The action begin when some  Mexican tribe kidnap her Grand Daughter ,Rambo crosses the border to rescue her.

This the most Thriller Scene, Rambo fights with new action styles remind me of the first release of Rambo that create revolution in action.

Rambo last blood
Rambo in action

With her Grand Daughter was living happily before she kidnapped by Mexican tribe.A sequel of Rambo movies.The picture posted (Grand Daughter) Rambo and Gabriela enjoying horse riding.

Rambo movies
Rambo with her Grand Daughter Gabriela

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