Solo Fashion Appearances || 2020 || Views and Updates

Solo Fashion Appearances || 2020 || Views and Updates


(Solo fashion)Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothingfootwearlifestyleaccessoriesmakeuphairstyle and body proportions. Whereas, the fashion always change according to time and era. According to research,Fashion never remain constant and the major role is playing by Fashion industry and Film industry.All new themes are launched and cover by film industry.

KARACHI  : Among the few fashion showcases of 2019, was a solo show by fashion designer Shehla Chatoor, who completed her 20-years in the industry in 2015. The fashion show trend is changing a short bit descriptive and solo fashion shows now in trend.Pakistani designers adopting and working on this trend and make dress more unique to spread relative fashion.

Fashion show
Fashion show


People have always a deep eyes on things that have some uniqueness in it.World fashion is changing and so everything related to fashion is changed now.But many experienced fashion stars and designer condemned such shows in a new young generation and upcoming mindset,declare them more harmful than beneficent.

Nomi Ansari

As for Nomi Ansari, who will also be riding a solo this year shared his views on why he will, “We are planning a solo show. It gives us a bigger canvas to play with. We can showcase a greater number of clothes, styled the way we want.”

According to Nomi Ansari views about solo fashion,he said solos give a designer more time so that he can prepare backstage ,prepare well and do things right with perfection,and that the real success.Nomi Ansari view are different than others fashion stars as he appreciated the solos fashion.

noman ansari
noman ansari

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

However, amidst all the excitement surrounding this emerging trend, HSY explained how it could also be harmful for the fashion fraternity all together – especially the emerging fraternity. “Yes, it’s a brilliant idea for those who want to empower themselves, but it can create serious divisions by depriving the young designers of their spotlight,” he said, referring to the new designers who share the spotlight with those who are already established.


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