FIR against Akshay Kumar over a washing powder advertisement

FIR against Akshay Kumar over a washing powder advertisement

FIR held up against Akshay Kumar over a washing powder advertisement

In an ongoing unforeseen development, Bollywood on-screen character Akshay Kumar has arrived in hot waters again for having harmed Maratha opinions through a washing powder promotion, as per The Print.

Akshy Kumar Washing Powder Ad
Akshy Kumar Washing Powder Ad
Akshy Kumar Washing Powder Ad
Akshy Kumar Washing Powder Ad


Reaction towards the charged ‘Canadian-Indian-on-screen character’ has surfaced via web-based networking media with individuals getting out the promotion’s substance alongside the on-screen character a lowbrow.

Washing powder Nirma’s advertisment seems to taunt the Maratha warriors subsequent to being discharged on January 3, 2020, by indicating Kumar as a Maratha ruler who gets back after a successful fight and is showered with blooms. Following this he says ‘khushiyaan manaao’ (let us celebrate), after which a lady jokes: “What festivities… you return with such filthy garments which we need to clean at this point.”

To this, Kumar says in that the lord’s military realizes how to whip adversaries as well as how to wash garments. The whole armed force and Kumar then set about washing their filthy garments.

Fir against Akshy Kumar is not rumor.There are disputes in Hindu-Muslim in India and there are many controversies that took up media.

Numerous via web-based networking media are requiring a blacklist of the Nirma washing powder with the hashtag #BoycottNirma drifting on Indian Twitter. They are claiming that the advertisement disparages Maratha warriors and their grit.

A police objection was additionally documented against Kumar at the Worli police headquarters in Mumbai Monday. The complainant, recognized as Suryakant Jaggannath Jadhav, said the individuals of Maharashtra were profoundly harmed by the ad. He has encouraged the police to make a move against Nirma Limited and the entertainer for ‘defaming’ Maharashtrian culture”.

The business was made by creation house Collective Art Private Limited.

This isn’t the first occasion when that a commercial has gotten fire for ‘harming notions’ of individuals.

In March 2019, an advertisement for Surf Excel arrived in a difficult situation after certain individuals blamed it for advancing ‘love jihad’ and calling it Hindu-phobic. The promotion highlighted a youthful Hindu young lady and a Muslim kid. It demonstrated the young lady, wearing white, deciding to get recolored in Holi hues so as to secure her Muslim companion who needs to go to a close by mosque.

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